Fresca ~ happiness inside

Branding, print, packaging

FRESCA is an organic, GMO’s free jam brand that only uses seasonal English fruit.

A project from a young group of creative and ambitious farmers that wanted to create a new way to provide the best flavours from English fruits with a new and trendy approach.

I developed the brand from scratch focusing on this project’s main idea — Adding a label to a simple jar that will take people back to the past where milk delivered to your door and baskets of fresh fruit come from your neighbours garden. People get back the feeling of easy access to healthy, tasty and natural jams, nasty free.

I’ve used the jar as the principal object to FRESCA’s main image and created a simple and yet traditional logo to represent all the story on the process creation of the jams.
I tried to build it using round forms making all the identity fluid and appealing to the eye of the buyers. The usage of water blue colour in all of the branding is because of its tranquillity and consistency but at the same time its freshness and youthful meaning.

Taking the initial three different flavours in consideration — Strawberry, Lemon and Apple — I also created the packaging labels.

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Tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe Photoshop.